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I view the conference and exhibition circuit as being a key balancer for me. So much of my professional time is spent dealing with online activity, these events are often my best chance to reinforce relationships in the real world.

I’m always happy to share my knowledge if invited, but I’ll also attend simply to take in new perspectives. I also live-tweet events too – if you want additional coverage for your event, feel free to reach out. I’ll keep this updated as best I can.

In addition to these, I’m also a regular at Reconverse and ProductTank in London – by turns, I’ll be curating, speaking, debating, live tweeting or occasionally, just sitting quietly!

2014, reverse order

November – Web Summit, UXBrighton

October – ⌘R Conf,  HRTechEurope

September – dConstruct, HRTechTank, MindTheProduct, SOSUEU

June – iRecruit Expo, RecFest

April – TruHelsinki, HRTechTank, ProductTank Helsink

March – SXSWi, DiceTru, LeanDay London

February – ProductCampLondon

2013 archive

November – HRO London Summit

October – HRTechEurope, Dublin Web Summit

September – TruLondon, dConstruct,  SOSU Europe, DiscSource, Mind The Product 

August – Holidays…. no-one sensible runs events in August 😉

July – SMIR

June – iRecruitSocialCloudSearchCamp

May – Chinwag Psych

April – TheNextWebProductTank Amsterdam

March – SXSWiTalentNetLive, HRTechEurope

February – Expo

January – SMART

2012 Archive

October- TruLondonHRTechEurope

September – TechBikersMind The Product

June – SRConf

May – TruDublin

April – SMIRWorthingDigital

March – SXSWiTalentNetLive

February – TruLondon

2011 archive

December – TruDublin

November – HR Tech Europe, TruAmsterdam

October – HR Performance, Chinwag’s Facebook Marketing conference, TweetCamp

September – TruLondonSocial Media London

August – Did someone say Summer?

July – AGR conferenceConnectingHR

June – Social Recruiting Conference

May – #TruOracle, #TruDublin

April – SMIR

February – TruLondon

January – #themeet140 in Brighton, TEDxBrighton,  SmartEnhance.

2010 archive

November – #TruNORAS, Social Recruiting Conference.

October – ONREC 2010#ConnectingHR events

September – #TruManchester

May – Social Media Recruiting Workshop

April – Social Media in Recruitment

March – SXSW Interactive

February – #TruLondon

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