On the passing of my father

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As some know, my father passed way recently. He lived for many years with cancer, before a sudden deterioration.

A few people know, and I’ve received some heartfelt messages of support. I’m thankful indeed for those – but it’s also made me realise that news is travelling slowly, erratically and causing pain to others as it spreads.

My father was a shy man, but blogged about his illness in order to ensure those he loved knew of his circumstances. It seems appropriate therefore, that I do the same.

My brother and I are with my mum now – my parents retired to Carcassonne some years back. We’ll remain here until after the cremation next week, and my father’s ashes will be scattered locally in accordance with his wishes.

In accordance with my mother’s wishes the service will be short, with only my brother and I saying a few words.  For those closer to the family who might have sent flowers, donations to Cancer Research are requested instead.

  • Hello James, I’m so sorry to hear about your father, you have my condolences. Both my parents are gone, and it’s a tough thing. I hope this time with your mother and brother is warm and precious. Best wishes, Robin


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