Is time flying? Is Twitter dying? Is this blog still alive?

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Got a huge backlog of things I want to write about, but simply haven’t made the time of late.  Everything starts with a first step, they say…

Been a close watcher of the ups and downs at Twitter over the last year or so – with most of the commentary leaning towards the “Twitter is dead” argument. While I agree it’s got some serious issues, I certainly don’t believe it’s done – yet.  There are still instances where nothing else out there quite hits it (breaking news in some regions, coverage of tech conferences, things which established media can’t or won’t touch, etc.). However, problems it most certainly does have.

One of the most interesting posts I’ve read on the saga is this delightful piece, suggesting in short that it’s not Twitter which is ageing… it’s us.  Much of this, I like and agree with.

It fits well with another debate I was involved in recently concerning the mental effect of getting older – the appearance of time passing more quickly as one gets older. In that discussion, it’s very much a matter of relative perception.  Assuming a lifespan of around eighty, one year for a ten year old represents a much smaller chunk of the road ahead than it does when one hits forty or fifty!

This in mind, what’s the implication for consumer products such as Twitter or SnapChat? Certainly, Facebook’s recent acquisition of MSQRD looks to be a direct rebuttal to the selfie filters of SnapChat, keeping that younger generation hooked in. With the time (and capital) it took to build Twitter to this level though (it’s ten years old today, in case you missed that bit of news), is this the key to the cycle becoming so apparently unsustainable? Personally, I’m not convinced there’s a burst on the horizon – though I do feel a correction running through the market currently, and it’s not clear to me how hard this will hit – and I’m certainly not alone in that!

Anyhow, it’s time I started writing again. It’ll get better than this, I’ll promise you. I needed a warm up, and to dump some thoughts. Feel free to share them round or tear them down- personally, just feels good to write something other than an email for a change!

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