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Had a great day at TalentNet yesterday – wanted to share a few takeaways, my slide deck, and also some appreciation for those behind it.  Trying to get anything organised during SXSW is a battle – vying for venue space and more importantly, people’s time and commitment. Kudos to Whole Foods, Craig, Dice for a great line-up, organisation, venue, lunch and more! If you’re there in future, keep an eye out for Terry Starr… the ball of energy from Dice that keeps so many plates spinning and makes it look remarkably effortless…

Sourcing challengeAlso good to see something a little more interactive – on this occasion, a live sourcing challenge. Dice made their Open Web app available to all, had some fun with the dress-up and made some real effort to combine the fun and the learning – splitting the room into two teams was a great move too.

This being SXSW, plans change… so instead of talking data with Bill Boorman, I gave a lightning talk on the potential for bringing engineering into recruiting – touching on Agile, Scrum, Lean and more. Got great feedback in the room and on Twitter, along with requests for the slides. I’ve therefore added them to the end of this post.

First though, a few choice quotes from the day – and a snap of Rackspace’s Kelly Long, clearly taking her work too seriously!

Kelly Long at TalentNetLars: The idea that every company will get ROI on social media is a myth.

Gerry: Approx one third of candidates share their bad experience of recruiting: You’re only hearing part of the story.

BryanPost like crazy. Put the wrong people off. Don’t be afraid.

Lars again: Reputation can be your biggest asset… and your biggest liability. Don’t get “glassdoored”!

Rob: You can teach hard skills, but the candidate must have the values of the company to begin with.

Kyle: The data driven recruiter is rarer than the purple squirrel riding the unicorn!

Plenty more besides of course – but I don’t plan on sharing all of it!  Go hunt down the best on Twitter – or better still, be there next time!  For now, I hope the Agile Recruiting slides here are useful – any feedback, very much appreciated.

TalentNetLive 2015 from James Mayes


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