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After the recent Sony hack, I’ve seen a load of posts on security, password managers, two-step authentication and more – all of which are a good step towards protecting your accounts from trouble. However, I haven’t seen anything on protecting your accounts from access you’ve already granted. What I mean by this are those occasions you’ve chosen to Sign in with LinkedIn or Connect with Facebook in the past. They’re a helpful and convenient way of signing up for a new service, filling out your profile with some immediate data population, not creating a new password etc.

Those apps don’t all live for ever though. Some might be experiments, others still might be things you no longer really use.  Why then, should they still have access to your data?  I’ve just cleaned up a few third party services attached to my core social accounts(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) – so here’s the quick guide for you to do the same!


Hover over your profile picture on the top right of the menu bar – then click on Privacy and Settings. From here, You’ll want to scroll down a little, click on Groups, Companies & Applications, then View your Applications as shown below:

LinkedIn Applications Controls


From here, you’ll see a list of all the third party applications which have access to varying degrees of your LinkedIn profile – sometimes just your email address, sometimes your profile data, other times it might be all your first degree connections.  Tick the box next to any you don’t recognise, don’t trust or don’t use any more.  Scroll to the bottom and hit Remove. If you’re over-zealous, you might have to re-authorise when you use a third party app that still relies on this connection – but a ruthless cleanup is generally a good thing!


FB SettingsFrom pretty much anywhere in Facebook, you can access your App Connection settings. Hit the small Down arrow on the top menu bar next to the padlock, then go down to Settings. (Click to enlarge the image here)


FB AppsNow on the right of the screen, click on Apps.  The centre of the screen will show you the apps currently enabled (with a button at the bottom to “show all” if you have a stack of them). I clear out here once-twice a year and usually go from nigh on a hundred authorised back down to about forty.  For each App, hover over it and you’ll see both an Edit icon and a Delete. Remove Apps completely if you know they’re dead, or maybe check and update the settings on those you’re not sure about.


Twitter SettingsYou know the pattern now… first you want to find the main settings menu – under your profile pic from the desktop app.

Twitter AppsFrom here, you’ll need to bring up the list of third party apps currently connected to your Twitter account.  There’s less granular control on settings here (by which I mean none!) – you’ll simply work down the list of apps and delete those you no longer wish to have accessing your data.

Hope this is useful – go clean up your stuff over Christmas!

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