Fabric – startup HR launch, courtesy of HRTechEurope

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I’m back at HRTechEurope this week (fourth time, I think?) – and it’s clear the event is bigger than ever. I’m guessing maybe 2,500 people in total, certainly a serious buzz. Previous visits have included representing existing vendors in the space, guest speaker, blog squad member and more – but this year, I’m actually launching something.

Fabric has been cooking for a while now. Initially an in-house hack project for a startup scratching it’s own itch, it’s now going out to the wider market.  I’m here for research, for a little branding, to create a little launch noise, etc. Right now, the API layer is being re-factored and we should be good for a full relaunch soon, so while that’s happening, this is a great place to catch up on the latest vendors, and to see who else is launching startup HR products.

I’m speaking tomorrow on the DisruptHR stage – a short session, my main focus being on UX – aka Why your users hate you.  It’ll be a fast paced session, with some solid practical example alongside some things a little more unexpected. The hamburger slide is my favourite, I think.

So what’s Fabric?  At the initial view, it’s a cloud based HR system for small>medium companies.  Based on the founding team, our alpha customers have been early stage tech startups and we expect that to continue for a while yet. Who better to give us that early feedback!  Alongside being that simple system of records (contracts, P45’s, holiday etc) we want to do something more interesting.  We want to allow business owner/managers to focus on working on their business – being distracted by admin or falling foul of legislation is a surefire barrier to that. As businesses grow, regulation requires different steps be taken. We can assist with that, provide prompts at the right time, help keep the focus where it should be.

As always, I have a number of projects on my radar – but it’s great to have an opportunity to talk a little more publicly about something that’s been ticking away quietly for a while now!

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