Preparing for the European Sourcing Summit

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A little prep happening in Sussex Towers currently for a conference I’m attending later this month – the European Sourcing Summit (for those not familiar with either the sourcing discipline or the event itself, check out the background here).

I’ll be speaking on day two in one of the breakout sessions, looking specifically at the communication gap between those wanting to hire… and those doing the hiring.  I’ve long worked in the technology space in one way and another and it’s patently obvious that engineering teams have entirely their own language.  Tech recruiters learn to understand this to the extend of finding the right people for the role – but I believe recruiters can go further.

I’ve been testing out a few changes in communication style over the last year or so, and subsequently put it out for debate during an event in Helsinki earlier this year. I got some strong questioning from the participants (always appreciated!) and walked away with some excellent feedback.  Having put that to good use, I’ll be using SOSUEU as an opportunity to share with a wider audience and test again!

To step back slightly, this started as a project to address a single fundamental issue: the hiring manager generally won’t care for your methods, provided the job is done.

However, the more engagement, information and feedback you get, the more effective you can be. How can we create better dialogue… or do we find other means of communicating more effectively… non-email… non-verbal….?

I’ll be looking at ways to speak the language engineering managers are familiar with. Not the tech skills, but the processes and the methodologies. As a recruiter, you’ve hired people with Agile experience before… but how can it be applied to the recruiting cycle? What’s the focus of the Agile manifesto? Can we use elements of this to have a positive impact on the relationships we have with our core stakeholders – and improve the process for everyone? What are the core principles of a SCRUM stand-up, and how can you leverage these to get faster feedback on the candidates you’ve sourced?

I’m building the session to have some very specific takeaways for those attending, but also hoping for challenge and debate.  Code improves through iteration, and so do we.

If you’ve not yet booked to attend and are interested, I’ve been able to secure some discounted tickets – up to 20% off, depending on the number required – but only if you book before the 10th Sept.

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