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Final planning for SXSW next well in hand, I find myself reminded to go look for a decent time zone converter tool.  I’ve always found international call scheduling a nightmare (I apologise again if you’ve been on the receiving end of my work there!) – never solved it. Turns out, some good sites already exist, and one has a mobile app too. Here’s a run-down:

World Time Buddy

Not the most attractive layout, but by far the most configurable. The free version allows you to choose four locations, with a few dollars a month subscription to increase this depending on your needs. Really useful when planning calls in Spring and Autumn as it allows you to work a few days ahead and factor in daylight saving times. This one also offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android mobile users. Both apps are free to download, but both need to mature a little. As with the web version, small paid subscription is available for those who want to load in a larger range of cities.

world time buddy time zone converter

Every Time Zone

By far the most visually attractive pick of the bunch, but less in the way of options to tune it to your needs. It includes a good selection of cities around the globe in a gorgeous representation.  It covers the main bases and allows you to work fast. If you just need a quick reference point and this has the locations you need already included, this’d be by first choice.

Time zone conversion, every time zone


Not so much a page or app as browser and app plugins – covering either Chrome or Firefox and Thunderbird. You can pick from pretty much any city / time zone around the world, then add the chosen selection of clocks to the bottom of your browser or Thunderbird screen. Not so handy for planning ahead, but a permanent visual reference point. You can also select to have them pop out as a separate window if you prefer.

time zone calculator

I hope one of these is useful.  If not, I also realised recently that it’s not just me who’s deficient in this way.  XKCD covered it in their usual inimitable way, if that’s more your style.

XKCD time zone converter

  • Wouter Smet

    There’s an online time zone converter tool based on the XKCD one, called simply ‘XKCD NOW’. You can adjust with a slider which time zone you want to watch: http://www.xkcdnow.com. Perhaps fitting to put a link to it in the article? If not, well, here’s my comment 🙂

    • James Mayes

      Thanks Wouter, nicely done!

  • Gareth

    I’ve always used http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html – works just fine.

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