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HR tech trends and innovation from HRTechEurope

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Out at HRTechEurope this week – so this post is a live-blog of Sarah White’s look at Innovations and Trends in HR Technology for 2014/15. I’ll be keeping my opinions out this time and just reporting!

First up, four trends to watch:

  1. Gen-Y will form 75% of the global workforce by 2015 (Business & Professional Women’s Foundation). Native mobile technology should no longer be considered an emerging trend – it’s proven, established and growing at phenomenal pace. 25% of 18-44 year old smartphone users can’t remember the last time their phone wasn’t next to them!
  2. “Social living will replace social networking” – the platforms and apps are an accepted part of life. “Adults over 45 are the fastest growing users of social, emerging markets are more active than developed nations”.  33% of Gen Y would prioritise social media freedom, device flexibility and work mobility over salary – but 36% of execs say their CEO “doesn’t care or cares little” about social media and brand reputation on those platforms.
  3. The conversation around Big Data will move towards “complete data” – fully understanding and harnessing data stores. This applies particularly to workforce management, mobility and redeployment to balance resource shortfalls.
  4. We’ll move from Integrated Talent Management to Unified Talent Systems – whole systems, rather than individual modules, integrations and API calls. “75% of companies have 3+ different HR systems (Forrester)”.  Also fair to assume 15-20% have NO systems.

Next, a quick preview of some systems which Sarah feels will have significant impact in the next few years.

  • HireVue – a video interviewing platform. New module CodeVue is particularly applicable to those in the tech hiring space, incorporates technical testing as part of the video interview workflow – code editor with appropriate tech challenge pops in. Potential to ask a follow-up question about the code challenge with a video  segment, helping to prevent cut n paste cheats!
  • Zao – a platform to manage social referral for hiring. “20% of job board candidates will stay for three years or more – that figure is 50% for referred candidates”.  The platform will help your existing employees find the people within their existing networks that are possibly appropriate for currently open roles. One of the crucial elements is the introduction of a gaming element to maintain motivation amongst employees to share.
  • MacroMicro – taking organisational data and making it visual. An interesting look at your workforce, particularly for those in workforce and succession planning Also worth looking at this post on a related video approach from Autodesk.
  • Sumtotal – context aware HR tech suite.  The intention here is to link your existing HR systems and data more effectively, add contextual sensitivity and deliver back a far more valuable experience for the user – covering learning, performance, succession, compensation, hiring and more. Also integrated with Salesforce Chatter for team collaboration. Judging by the demo, it works really well on an iPad too! Very nice UX.
  • Hunite – engage and empower all employees through mobile accessibility. Most businesses have data scattered across countless systems – Hunite extracts, combines, contextualises and delivers to the mobile device.

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