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HRTechEurope and the iHR Awards

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Off to Amsterdam next week for HRTechEurope again. As with any sector, conferences exist at various market points. This one is, I think, Europe’s largest by delegate numbers and certainly one of the most polished in terms of organisation. I consider myself a regular now and have written up a variety of posts on previous events.

My particular favourite aspect is the iHR awards – shining a spotlight on emerging tech in HR, talent and social collaboration. The format for this continues to evolve and this year, takes place the Wednesday afternoon before the main two day conference kicks off. This, I think, is a Very Good Thing!

Last year, there were some great competitors in the line-up; some early stage, some well established, all seeking in some way to break through. The biggest surprise to me (documented) was the lack of interest from the established HR folk at the event. To me, this is a peak into the future. Products that might not be enterprise ready just yet, but show what’s around the corner, shows what the hackers think might be possible.

So this year, what do I want to see from it? First and foremost, I wanted to be crowded out. I want to be squeezed to the edge of the room as those who really run the world of HR take a trip in the TARDIS * a whirlwind tour of the next five years of potential.

Aside from that, it’s actually hard to say. There are some firms in there who are completely new to me, some I know more about. Most importantly, the finalists show significant diversity. We have talent acquisition, mobile accessibility, organisational analysis, on-boarding and even the science of workplace happiness!

It’ s a safe bet that not all will make it. The startup world is not known for being kind and forgiving – but it’s equally worth a bet that at least one of those WILL break out in the next 12-24 months and make the established players in whichever market just a little uncomfortable.

And that’s good for everyone, right?

*Disclosure: The author’s own TARDIS. No cash paid or timelines changed in the writing of this post.

  • Hope to give you a good show and peek into a better future (at least it looks that way inside my head) next week James!

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